Houses Information

- To buy house use command: !buyhouse
- To buy house with Trainers use command: !buyhousepremium

Houses spells
aleta sio List of persons who cannot move items in house
aleta grav List of door owner
aleta som List of owners who can move items in house
aleta san List of persons who can move items
alana sio Kick self from house
alana sio "Roar Kick player from house
House trade - System
To buy a house should be in the middle and then use command !sellhouse will then create an act of ownership which we transfer through the trade to the person whom we want to sell the house if there is information about the name of the cottage and the owner of the trade

The person who buys the house should click look on the document in the trade window, if everything is ok then the cottage name will appear, otherwise please do not accept the transaction.