!afkAfter use you can skill without kickout.
!bgMessage to all guild members.
!blessChecking number of blesses.
!bugUse to report game bug and get reputation!
!changerepChange reputation points on premium account.
!checkCommand use for answer on AFK Check.
!expDisplays the amount of exp needed for next level.
!fragsDisplays the number of frags and time to their end.
!goChange outfit of all members guild.
!houseReloads access to the house.
!manaDisplays the amount of mana needed to burn to the next level.
!onlineDisplays a nicknames and numer of online.
!outfitOnly for premium change outfit into dwarf or elf.
!posShows the current position of the player.
!pzDisplays the time untill the end of PZ locked.
!rsDisplays the time untill the end of redskull.
!taskwrite !task to show more information.